26 Oct 2016

Karate Champ (1P) - Data East 1984 (repair log)

This game has a specific 44 pin connector and flat cables connecting the 2 boards were missing.
First thing to do was to build a converter to JAMMA and pull the missing cables from a known working game:

The game displayed OOOO on screen, colours were bad and there was no sound: 

Comparing the ROMs with the MAME romset I found 3 of them bad (n°23, 24 and 26). 
After replacing them sound came back to life.

Then I found a dead LS74 @ 11A of the top board. This changed the colours:

There wasn't any activity on one of the data lines of the RAM IC52. I found a dead LS157 @ 16B on the bottom board. Sprites were restored:

No activity on address lines A0 to A7 of EPROMs IC89 and 91 (27C64 type). I found a dead LS273 @ 6E on the bottom board. Background reappeared:

Game fixed.

(The label was tied to the top board when I got the game. It says "Karate, no back ground just OOOO, works". I guess sign of life = works in the evil world of arcade operators)

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