18 Jan 2017

Super Pang - Mitchell/Capcom 1990 (repair log)

This game is equipped with a suicide battery that holds the encryption keys of the Kabuki CPU (a modified version of the Z80). The latter was still the original one and was completely flat (0.0V).
FYI when this games commits suicide it only displays a static blue screen.

So, I followed the procedure described on "The Dead Battery Society" webpage:

Long story short, this mod allows the Kabuki to work as a standard Z80 CPU with decrypted ROMs.
3 ROMs have to be replaced and a simple wiring hack has to be done (as the decrypted ROMs are twice as big as the OG ones).

This brought the game back to life. Only to notice that sprites were severely corrupted:

This is due to a bad custom chip noted 86S105. Unfortunately I don't have any scrap board that could be a good donor... If you have a spare chip just leave me a comment.


  1. your wish will be granted soon...excellent works by the way

  2. Thanks my friend. All I need now is free time for repairs!