15 Mar 2017

Conversion SF2' to Forgotten Worlds (CPS1)

I was about to post a repair log this week but I've been asked many times to release my Forgotten Worlds conversion with hacked controls.
So here it is!

1) Presentation

A conversion I made ~15 years ago cause I couldn't find the approriate spinners to play the game.
So I hacked the controls to use buttons instead of spinners (similar to the Megadrive version):
- button 1 is fire just as usual
- button 2 is used to rotate anti-clockwise
- button 3 is used to rotate clockwise
The hack supports 2 player game.
As usual a link to the files is available at the end of this post.

2) Technical info

Forgotten Worlds use a LWIO PAL instead of the classical IOB1 in order to be able to send requests (reset) and read from the NEC µPD4701AC used to handle spinners.
Related addresses are :
- 0x800040 to request a counter reset of spinner 1
- 0x800048 to request a counter reset of spinner 2
- 0x800052 to read counter (position) of spinner 1
- 0x80005a to read counter (position) of spinner 2
What I did is I searched within the program ROMs for occurences of "800052". There is only one @ 0x000660.
From that I've deducted :
- player 1 buttons status is stored in RAM @ 0xFFFFB26E
- player 2 buttons status is stored in RAM @ 0xFFFFB270
- player 1 angle is stored in RAM @ 0xFFFFB36A
- player 2 angle is stored in RAM @ 0xFFFFB3BA
- clockwise rotation increases the counter (anti-clockwise rotation decreases the counter indeed)
- a full round is 0x800
- if you go above 0xFFFF counter goes back to 0x0000
- if you go under 0x0000 counter goes to 0xFFFF

3) The hack

After having merged and concatenated the original ROMs to be used on a SF2' board I modified the program ROM 23 in order to:
- be able ro read buttons 2 & 3 for each player (which aren't used originally by the game)
- decrease counter if button 2 is pressed
- increase counter if button 3 is pressed
I've reused the lines used to read the spinners, there was enought space for my hack.

4) Material needed

4.1) If you use a 91634B-2 B-board (EPROM)
- 10 * 27C4096 ROM (8 for the graphics and 2 for the program)
- 2 * 27C010 ROM (audio)
- 1 * 27C512 ROM (audio)
- 1 * GAL16V8 (PAL)

4.2) If you use a 91635B-2 B-board (mask ROM)
- 8 * 27C400 ROM (graphics)
- 2 * 27C4096 ROM (program)
- 2 * 27C010 ROM (audio)
- 1 * 27C512 ROM (audio)
- 1 * GAL16V8 (PAL)

5) ROMs and PAL burning

Now it's time to burn the files on the appropriated devices.

5.1) If you use a 91634B-2 B-board (EPROM)
- ROMs 01/02/03/04/05/06/07/08/22/23 => 27C4096
- ROM 09 => 27C512
- ROM 18/19 => 27C010
- FW_PAL_1A.jed => GAL16V8

5.2) If you use a 91635B-2 B-board (mask ROM)
- ROMs 01/02/03/04/05/06/07/08 => 27C400
- ROMs 22/23 => 27C4096
- ROM 09 => 27C512
- ROM 18/19 => 27C010
- FW_PAL_1A.jed => GAL16V8

6) ROMs installation

All SF2' ROMs must be removed from the B-board.
The PAL named S963B at position 1A has to be removed too.
Double check you've put the devices the right way (the silkscreen should help you)!

6.1) If you use a 91634B-2 B-board (EPROM)
- Install the ROMs in the corresponding socket (ROM 01 in socket 01, etc.)
- Install the GAL16V8 in position 1A (where the S963B was)

6.2) If you use a 91635B-2 B-board (mask ROM)
- Install the ROMs 01/04/05/08/09/18/19/22/23 in the corresponding socket (ROM 01 in socket 01, etc.)
- Install ROM 02 in socket 03
- Install ROM 03 in socket 02
- Install ROM 06 in socket 07
- Install ROM 07 in socket 06
- Install the GAL16V8 in position 1A (where the S963B was)

7) Test

[EDIT 31/03/17]
I just realised I put the wrong PAL file in the archive. That's fixed.

[EDIT 01/11/17]
Found a bug: sometimes after starting a new game your character would just rotate anti-clockwise slowly even with no button depressed and power cycling the game would fix the problem. It's fixed now.


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  2. I followed your instructions and converted a Street Fighter 2 CE Mask ROM board to Forgotten Worlds using your ROM files. The game boots and plays perfectly, but there's an odd bug where both player characters slowly rotate clockwise when no controller buttons are being pressed. Buttons 2 and 3 both still rotate the character appropriately when pressed-Button 3 makes the character rotate faster than when no button is being pressed. Any idea what the cause could be?

    1. I have never seen this behaviour. Maybe a value in RAM isn't initialised properly? Maybe related to the dipswitch settings?

    2. The board has been power-cycled a few times, so I don't think it's a RAM initialization problem. In the end, I traded the A Board with my other Ghouls N' Ghosts conversion board set, and the problem cleared up. Ghouls N' Ghosts still works fine with the former Forgotten Worlds A Board, so I'll just leave them this way. Strange, but happy to have both games working!

      Thank you for the awesome information you share here - looking forward to more articles!

    3. Weird. Anyway let me know if the problem appears again and if you can see a pattern that could lead to it.
      Also I'd like to thank you a lot for your donation! You deserve a shout out in the next article (what about a Final Fight conversion?).


    4. I was happy to donate - your blog has been incredibly helpful and I'm beyond thrilled to have Forgotten Worlds working without a spinner.

      If you're taking requests on the next conversion to blog about, I'd say either Strider or Carrier Airwing. :D

    5. Strider I have... Somewhere ;)

  3. C'est magnifique, quel prouesse, mais à tu penser à aller plus loin et proposer à ceux qui, comme moi, possède les spinner originaux, de pouvoir utiliser ces derniers via un des connecteur de la C-board ?

    1. Non, par contre je me suis monté un petit prototype qui embarque un D4701AC et que tu branches sur une B-board 91634B-2 B et qui permet de brancher les spinners.