19 Apr 2017

Sharp Twin Famicom (repair)

It has been damaged after a failed RGB mod attempt.

Here are few pictures of the carnage:

OK so my first plan was to salvage both the Twin Famicom and the NES RGB board.
Unfortunately the NES RGB board is dead.

Then I moved to plan B: fix the Twin Famicom.
Due to the lack of space above the motherboard on the Twin Famicom, the NES RGB board has to be mounted on the solder side.
So the previous owner installed a socket on the solder side just as expected:

The problem is I cant' just plug the PPU in it as pins are now reversed (we're on the solder side don't forget about that).
Two options:
1) removing the socket and resoldering the PPU on the part side
2) keep the socket in case I get motivation to RGB mod the console later, and make an adapter board to mirror the pins of the PPU
I took option 2 which to me is the nicest.

Here is the adapter I built:

The PPU installed in my adapter board and my adapter board installed on the motherboard:

Time for a test:

Tada! (Sorry for the game, I grabbed the first one in the pile).

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