28 Sep 2017

Conversions on Irem M92 hardware - part 3 (Gunforce)

Previous conversions I made on M92 required a specific game as donor as code was decrypted and then re-encrypted to use the donor game encryption table.
But unencrypted code can also be run on M92 by moving the two jumpers next to the sound CPU (Nec V35) from position S (secured?) to N (normal?).
This way any game can be converted to any other game by using unencrypted ROMs.
My first attempt was Gunforce, tested fully working in MAME [EDIT]and on real hardware as I now own a MT2 board.

Also available:
- Gunforce
- Blade Masters
- Lethal Thunder
- Undercover Cops
- Undercover Cops Alpha Renewal
- Mystic Riders/Gun Hohki
- Major Title 2/The Irem Skins Game
- Hook
- R-Type Leo
- In The Hunt
- Ninja Baseball Batman/Yakyuu Kakutou League-Man
- Perfects Soldiers/Sky Soldiers
- Dream Soccer 94
- Gunforce 2/Geostorm


  1. hello, my question is, with a gunforce dashboard I could do conversion of a blade masters, if possible where I have to look for uncrypted audio roms to do it, thanks

    1. Hello,
      Gunforce is the worst donor on M92, PAL must be replaced and some wires added and of course jumpers must be moved like for other donors.

  2. Hi! I'm thinking about getting a gun force. Could you help me with the Pal and the wires I should add?

    1. Hi, I don't own a Gunforce board anymore so can't really help you out. I unfortunately didn't take notes.