15 Nov 2017

Conversion Street Fighter II: The World Warrior to Ghouls'n Ghosts (CPS1)

As you may know I do conversions on demand.

Recently I've been asked by a collector if I could convert Street Fighter II: The World Warrior to Ghouls'n Ghosts. SF2 WW is probably the cheapest game on the system nowadays and probably the easiest to come by too. However Capcom released many different versions of the game with of course different B chips (B-05/B-11/B-12/B-13/B-14/B-15/B-17/B-18). The most common is the B-17 and was what the collector had in its hands.

So first I converted the program ROMs to run using a B-17 chip instead of a B-01.
Then I handcrafted a new PAL to handle graphic chips addressing on a 90629 board.
Everything was tested in MAME and on real hardware (who doesn't have a spare SF2 WW board lying around?) with success.
It's a little less heartbraking to convert a SF2 WW rather than a SF2' CE or HF.


  1. Had opportunity of buying a SF2 B-board for hella cheap some years ago... If I only knew someone would figure it out :s
    I think you have enough knowledge to come up with a CPS1 Multiboard/Multigame solution by now, don't ya? :)

    1. I'd like to release a multi-CPPS1 board by it's way too much time demanding.

  2. Can a SF2 WW board be converted to a CE?

    1. Yes, by patching code to use a different B chip and handcrafting a new PAL chip for graphics.