1 Nov 2017

System 24 desuicide and floppy conversion to ROMs

An other system from Sega on the table. Before starting working on it I made a search online to know if any decrypted sets were availbale (some games have a suicide battery) or if there was alternatives to floppies. Answers were (as of today) no and no...

I first decrypted all games to get rid of the security chips with suicide battery.
Then I converted floppy based game to ROMs.

Everything was tested fine in MAME (expect high score saving functionality was lost due to the game obviously not being able to write to ROMs) but I wanted to test my work on real hardware.
I spent hours trying to find a game but they seem damn scarce nowadays!

So this is a call I made to anyone who could help me finding a System 24 game, even with a bad floppy or suicided.

Stay tuned for the test on real hardware (as soon as I find a game).

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