9 May 2018

Super Pang - Capcom_Mitchell 1990 (repair log)

An other suicided game with additional problem: instead of the ligth blue screen the suicided game should display I was greeted by a black screen...

I followed the desuicide procedure found on the "Dead Battery Society" website (http://www.arcadecollecting.com/dead/), and then fired the board: black screen just as before but audio and controls were working. Game was playing blind, I could add credits and start a new game.
When you have no video at all it's always good to start from the JAMMA connector and then follow the signals. In this case red, green and blue signals on the edge connector were stuck low. I then probed the colours RAMs (two of them) @ 8C & 9C: all data pins were stuck low. I took the chance of piggybacking them and obtained an image. Colours were not perfect but this is something to expect when you piggyback chips as the faulty chips underneath can drag the signals low or high and the connections aren't at their best.

I pulled the faulty RAMs and both turned out to be fried on my programmer. I installed sockets and put fresh RAMs in them and was greeted by a fully working game:

Game fixed.

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