6 Jun 2018

Conversions on Jaleco Mega System 32 - part 2

A collector (let me know if you want to be named here) came to my rescue... Again!
I sent him the files to convert Tetris Plus, originally using a ss92046_01 security chip, on ss92047_01 security chip. As he already owned an original Tetris Plus romboard it was only the matter of swapping all ROMs except the 2 used for background and texts graphics.

After few days of remote troubleshooting we finally had success:

Here you can see the burnt .10 and .30 EPROMs:

I've updated my script and now any game can be converted to work with any security chip by a simple click on a button.

Next conversions requiring testing are on Jaleco Mega System 1 (isn't it logical after Mega System 32?).

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