6 Sep 2018

Sega System C2 multi kit - part 1

After having hacked all Sega System C2 games to bypass security protections I had the idea of designing a kit to support all the games on a single motherboard.

As System C games (3 of them) are fully supported on System C2 I also included them.

That's a total of 14 known different games (plus 3 vending machine romsets, not really games so not included):
- Bloxeed (System C)
- Borench (System C2)
- Columns (System C)
- Columns II (System C)
- Ichidant-R (System C2)
- Poto Poto (System C2)
- Puyo Puyo (System C2)
- Puyo Puyo 2 (System C2)
- Ribbit! (System C2)
- Stack Columns (System C2)
- Tant-R (System C2)
- Thunder Force AC (System C2)
- Twin Squash (original rotary stick version) (System C2)
- Zunzunkyou no yabou (System C2)
And I also added my Twin Squash hack:
- Twin Squash (joystick hack) (System C2)

I went for a very simple approach: big EPROMs with bank switching logic and game selection by dipswitches (a header connector for connection of a remote dipbank is also included).
The System uses 2 independent ROM banks:
- one for CPU code, graphics and music
- one for sound samples
Then I drew the schematics and assembled a prototype (of course it was a bit messy with hundreds of jumper wires).
Due to the C2 board layout I designed 2 boards interconnected with jumper wires:

And tested all the games successfully:

At that point I was very satisfied by the results and decided to route PCBs:

Which came in the mail few weeks later:

Stay tuned for the next part ;)

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