31 Oct 2018

Hyper Olympic (Track & Field) - Konami 1983 (repair log)

When I first powered this board is was mostly working: title screen was corrupted but sprites were OK and I could see runners during the intro.
However after few seconds it started to fail hard: background disappeared, then texts and finally sprites...

As always a quick inspection of the board revealed many Fujitsu TTL chips:

And as usual I probed them all and found 8 bad chips (far less than expected given my previous repairs of Fujitsu plagued games):
- 2 * LS74
- 1 * LS138
- 1 * LS157
- 2 * LS244
- 2 * LS245

After replacement I powered the board again fearing for more damage, but:

Board was perfectly working with sound and controls!

Game fixed.

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