27 Mar 2019

Raiden II - Seibu 1993 (repair log)

Game was dead, no main or sub CPU activity, however sound section was alive since adding a coin would make the associated jingle play.
Board was covered in cat/mouse pee (nasty smell) so was cleaned with a lot of other dirty boards.
Then I started inspection and found the custom chip used for security (SEI1000) had a good 40 pins lifted. I reflowed it and game booted with perfect graphics and fully working controls (for both players):

However music was composed of drums only but samples were working fine.
With my audio probe I started with the YM2012 since you have both the digital signal (pin 4) and the analog signal (pin 12) available on that chip.
Music was present on the digital side however there was nothing coming out on the analog side. Using a logic probe I found signal was stuck high.
I replaced the YM3012 and music went back to normal.

Game fixed.

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