3 Apr 2019

TMNT Turtles In Time - Konami 1991 (repair log)

I received this board as a gift, being warned it had a graphical fault.
Still, I was extremely grateful.

Game worked fine with the exception of jailbars over sprites:

One mask ROM had been replaced (flux used was probably not the best since it left a lot of residue, note to self: clean that) and few traces had been patched:

ROM test reported 2 bad:

Fortunately problem was simple, one via under one of the mask ROMs was corroded and connection between one data line from the mask ROMs and the sprite generator (custom chip) was lost. I redid the patching work and fixed the via by drilling a tiny hole in its middle and soldering the core of a very fine kynar wire in it, restoring connection between the two sides of the PCB:

Cowabunga! Game fixed.

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