16 Jun 2019

This blog is still active: two Sega chips reversed! (315-5436 & 315-5218)

With all the changes in my personal life I hadn't got time to update this blog in a while.

I'm still alive and still working on many different arcade projects, with two recent milestones:
- RE of the 315-5436 custom chip found on some Sega System 18 romboards in a CPLD. Not really useful for preservation since that chip is pretty reliable but a step forward in the direction of a S18 multi romboard (first prototype used a trillion GAL chips instead of one unique CPLD now)
- RE of the infamous 315-5218 PCM chip used by Sega on many Super Scaler boards (Out Run, Model X, Model Y)

Unfortunately I'll be away from the hobby for an other 3 or 4 months so don't expect much news during that time.

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